Route Network

Our route network is based on monthly member operations mostly flying to european destinations.

Flights range from 40 minute domestic connections to 8 hour long haul European/International trips.

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Member Portal

We offer each member an individual portal for accessing and maintaining account information.

Members can book flights, view detailed flight reports, access the download section and more.

Flight Logging

Our in house developed software is used for tracking flight data and submitting reports.

Tracking your FS2004 or FSX flights is easy with our smart flight tracking software.

VA Statistics

Total Flights:

Flights This Month:

Hours Flown this Month:
85 Hours 57 Minutes

Flight Board & Map

Members can login and see live departure/arrival boards and a live tracking map is available.

Newest Members

AWC173 Mickey Champion

AWC172 Harry Hicks

AWC171 David Ward

AWC170 Neil Warman

AWC169 Daniel Ridley


We are a group of flight simulator enthusiasts who are dedicated everything to do for TitanVirtual including supporting experienced and not so experienced simulator pilots.

Joining TitanVirtual is easy, all you need to do, is join via our website link, we have no entrance exams and the only thing we ask is that members complete a single flight within a 14 day period of being accepted. Members must then complete a flight within a 60 day period to remain active.

Our philosophy is to ensure you have fun, learn how to fly online to enhance the flying experience and realism as much as is possible within the confines of Flight Simulator. The TitanVirtual team will assist you and offer training in every aspect in flying online with both the IVAO and VATSIM online Air Traffic Control Services. We will help and train you to fully understand online flying procedures, aircraft systems and reading charts. We also have our very own forum, flying events and group flight events and we have our own custom built flight tracking system "Sky Track" for flight recording and tracking of your flights.

We also have

  • Unique Flight Monitoring software exclusively developed for TitanVirtual for use by our members.
  • A career ranking system based on flying hours
  • Full Training (optional) and assistance with getting you started with online flying, aircraft systems or reading and understanding charts
  • Online Flying with the IVAO and VATSIM Networks.
  • Team Speak access for events and training sessions
  • Real world ZAP callsign
  • Monthly Statistics displayed on web site

Supporting tools all available as downloads from TitanVirtual site including

Checklists, Charts, Liveries, Sky Track, Load sheets, Guides and Manuals

If you are a flight simulator enthusiast who would like to take your hobby to the next level, please look around our site. You will find that TitanVirtual is highly professional and extremely helpful team and whose members totally enjoy the hobby and also helping others enjoy their hobby. We invite you to become part of a great group of flight simmers who are proud to fly TitanVirtual


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We are partnered with UK2000 Scenery

We are partnered with Vatsim